Zadní Arnoštov is located in the Pardubice Region, 5 km from Jevíčko, 22 km from Letovice. The nearest infrastructure is located in Jevíčko (5 km) food, drugstores, consumer goods, restaurants, cafes and more. Several cycling routes cross the Zadní Arnoštov. An ideal place for hiking in the area. In Zadní Arnoštov, apart from fruit orchards and currant plantations, there is nothing but incredible peace and quiet.

Places of interest

  • Osada Lípa, Horse riding club ( 1km ) – horse riding and horse carriage ride
  • Rumpálová well Mařín ( 3km ) – Mařínská well is 70 m deep, it is one of the deepest wells in the Czech Republic, it is situated in osada Měřín between Zadní Arnoštov and Křenov
  • Motocross track Bělá u Jevíčka ( 7 km ) –  regularly maintained, natural, about 1 800 m long track
  • Natural swimming pool Březina ( 8km ) – beautiful natural swimming pool surrounded by dense mixed forest, grass and shingly beach, shower and sanitary facilities available
  • Castle Velké Opatovice ( 9km ) – baroque castle, architectural jewel with beautiful castle garden
  • Radkov ruin ( 13km ) – vast ruin of a medieval castle
  • Arboretum Borotín ( 13km ) –  one of the most beautiful arborets in Moravia region, area of 4,5 ha, almost 3 000 plant species
  • Aquapark Moravská Třebová ( 14km ) – outdoor aquapark with a toboggan at a length of 51 m
  • Ski resort Kladky (20 km) – ski slope is 710 m long, it belongs among the longest ski slopes in area, it can be described as red ski slope with blue finish, it is therefore suitable for kids, beginners and intermediate skiers, rope tows available, easy rope tow for kids is for free
  • Golf resort Kořenec ( 22km ) – find golf paradise on earth with beautiful views of Českomoravská vysočina
  • Hrad Bouzov ( 26km ) – a romantic castle built at the turn of the 13. and 14. century is located in the countryside of Litovel and Mohelnice
  • Javoříčko caves ( 30 km ) – the big space with an area of 2,000 m2 has a gorgeous and rich dripstone decoration


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